ARD g1 Shotgun Recoil Reduction Device

ARD g1 Recoil Reduction Device
The ARD g1 Recoil Reduction Device.

The ARD g1 is a patented, drop in, shotgun recoil reduction device. It is an electro mechanical transducer that reduces recoil by converting some of the kinetic energy of recoil into electrical and heat energy instead of transferring all of the recoil into your shoulder. It is not a mercury recoil reducer.

Using a standard 8 pound, 12 gauge shotgun, with normal 1200 fps, 1&1/8 oz loads, this device reduces REAL recoil transferred to your shoulder by 17 percent! See our Technical Information page for a more complete explanation.

It is a cylindrical device that is 5 inches long by 7/8ths of an inch in diameter, weighs 5 oz, and mounts inside the gun stock's bolt hole.

ARD g1 Recoil Reducer Features:

  • reduces REAL recoil by 17 percent!
  • less than 10 ms reset time (fantastic for doubles)
  • weighs only 5 oz.
  • drop in design is easy to install
  • totally maintenance free
  • smooth and silent operation (no sloshing liquids or mechanical spring vibration)
  • contains no hazardous materials (not a mercury recoil reducer)
  • great for trap, skeet, and sporting clays
Recoil reduction is twice as important for Doubles!
Recoil reduction is twice as important for Doubles!

In rough terms, the ARD g1 reduces recoil a little better than going from a 1200 fps, 1&1/8 oz shell to a 1200 fps, 1 oz shell. When shooting your gun, if you can feel the difference in recoil between shooting a 1200 fps, 1&1/8 oz load and a 1200 fps, 1 oz load, then you will feel the difference when using the ARD g1 recoil reduction device.

The ARD g1 was originally developed for ATA registered trap shoots, which are often 300+ rounds a day using a 12 gauge shotgun with 1&1/8 oz loads. This can be very exhausting. Reducing the amount of recoil the shooter has to endure helps the shooter stay sharp and on top of the game.

Warning: The ARD g1 contains strong magnets (Brmax approximately 15,000 Gauss) which may interfere with pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Check with your doctors, but people with magnetically sensitive devices should probably stay at least 1 foot away from the ARD g1.

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